About Me

I've spent the majority of my life, at this point, delving into the internet with a goal of building upon what is has to offer. I discovered computer programming in my teens and fell in love with making it do things I wanted. Later I learned of the internet and all it had to offer. I never knew the rabbit hole it would turn out to be.

Initially I was interested in computer graphics. 3D graphics to be specific. The ability to create something on the screen that could appear so realistic, but yet not actually capable of existing in reality kept me enthralled. I went to school focused on 3D animation with a hope to one day produce scenes in movies or just TV in general.

As I started learning programming languages for 3D animation I drifted to web development. The development of applications, websites, and the like are truly where I thrive. I've been professionally developing web applications/websites for nearly 25 years now. I've watched the landscape change with technology and continue to move and shake with the times.

However, while those interests fester in my head I am constantly pulled in many, many other directions with hobbies and ideas. I love gaming, both video games, and specific tabletop games. I love mechanical and technical doodads and devices to mess around with. Art is something that never leaves for too long. Woodworking is probably my most loved passion that I rarely get to do. And the list goes on.

Over time, I've become an extremely opinionated individual when it comes to these passions and ideas. I've learned to keep things in check, but at times I can lose my mind and get into trouble. Though I'm usually not ashamed of what I say or do, I have a bad habit of starting and not finishing. Not my best feature, but I'm honest about it.

My kids and wife are my world. Without them, I am a completely different person. There was a time when I felt there would be no difference in me just because I have a family. It’s amazing the impact 2 children could bring upon one's life, views, thoughts, etc. Although my work tends to consume too much of my time I adore listening to thoughts of my children and watching them grow as their adventure of life begins.

With all this said, I am unapologetic in what I write or post here. In fact, I will often contradict in one post to the next. This site is where I dump thoughts, ideas, and ways that I've gone about within my life that have worked with a hope that someone else might benefit from in the same manner. While some may come across as very "Rah, Rah!" type stuff it's all based on what I've experienced  throughout my life. If you don't like it, move along, nothing to see here.