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Hey! My name is Keith. In short I am a web developer, husband, father of two, fitness junkie, and currently reside in Fredericksburg, VA. I enjoy working with people as they develop their web presence, be it a simple single page site to a full blown web application.

I’ve been in the web design/development field for roughly 20 years now. In that time I’ve worked on everything from simple one page menu sites to huge government/military budgeting web applications. Throughout this time I’ve learned how to find what a client is looking for in their web presence and provided them with a set plan of approach. Developing and implementing this plan has become my labor of love.

Since my start in web development I’ve made it a point to learn everything I can. I received my degree in Fine Arts centralized on computer graphics. Prior to starting my degree I was slowly breaking into the internet. Throughout my college years I found that there is such a huge potential on the internet that I wanted to be a part of it. Every bit of my development skills has come from self learning. Whenever something new surfaces, I have to learn it. There is very little that I haven’t tried.

My kids and wife are my world. Without them I am a completely different person. There was a time where I felt there would be no difference in me just because I have a family. It’s amazing the impact 2 children could bring upon ones life, views, thoughts, etc. Although my work tends to consume much of my time I adore listening to thoughts of my children and watching them grow as their adventure of life begins.