Living life to the fullest

Photo by Tom Pottiger
Photo by Tom Pottiger

The great search of life is to discover the meaning as to why we're here and what is that meaning.

My belief is that the meaning of life is to just be alive. To live free, happy, and completely. Simply that, and nothing else. You can speculate here and there as it pertains to the multiple religions and belief systems throughout time and this planet, but in the end the only commonality appears to be to be alive and to live.

Why does it need to be more? Why does it need some profound purpose? One could even speculate that the "profound purpose" is being met through a combined effort within the billions of individuals roaming this rock. The complete integration of efforts produced throughout the entire population could, in fact, be the reason we're all here. Only due to the absolute immense size we cannot properly comprehend it.

There are many belief systems throughout that will dictate what you can and can't, should and shouldn't do/see/say/think/believe and so on. Yet not one has the definitive answer to these questions. You're asked to go on faith. To believe in the word of another to dictate what is and isn't. I'm not here to say they're right or wrong. I also believe that not one of them can truly say they're right or wrong.

You are you. Only you can understand your meaning... your purpose. You're not a puppet. You're alive. You're path is not defined yet. You make it step by step. Rather than exhausting your limited amount of time on this earth with worry and fear that you're not meeting your purpose, instead accept the simple fact that you may already be fulfilling your purpose thus freeing up head space for things that allow you to truly live. To enlighten yourself to what you can use this life for. What you can experience.

Think of the exhilaration you feel when things go how and where you want. That want to grasp more and more of that same feeling. Those experiences are often called "Living life to the fullest". Why not let go of those questions and realize that you're already there. Enjoy it. Live, Laugh, Love. Do what you're made to do.

Photo by Tom Pottiger on Unsplash