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My Story Doesn't End With You

Keith Andersen

Photo by Janko Ferlič
Photo by Janko Ferlič

Throughout my life I've experienced many different things, met many different individuals, and still was left wanting. The want to do more, be more and meet more. Yet throughout all of this I have found those who want to take control. Those who want to dictate what my story should be. Those who want to make my life theirs.

There are individuals that will enter your life and poke holes in whatever ideal they feel you should follow. Whatever plan that you have for yourself. Those individuals will look to suck the life from you to bolster their own existence. To what end? You would need to ask them. It is rare for these individuals to air their reasons for their actions to you. They will however explain to the world why you aren't one way or another. Yet when confronted by you they will have words and ideals that don't match those they portray in their public persona.