Take the First Steps

Photo by Jakob Owens
Photo by Jakob Owens

A friend of mine, Kenneth Mickie ( and, reminded a class of us of a point that I want to reiterate.  95% of us, as humans, wait for the introduction to occur through someone/something else before we take the step forward to enter the conversation.  No one got anywhere in life waiting on the sidelines for someone to call us over.  Waiting for a perfect scenario that never comes.

Waiting for the stars to align in a moonless sky while your standing on your head watching your kids use hula hoops.

Ridiculous right? Well even the most simplistic scenario can take longer to happen than that.

There's the age old sayings like "Take the bull by the horns", "Kick the door down", and the simple "Just Do It".  He also spoke of the Opportunist just drinking the glass that the Optimist and Pessimist are fighting over fullness.  All these saying didn't come from nothing.   Take the first steps toward what you want.

Do you want to meet someone? Go introduce yourself.  You don't have the kick the door down, but you do need to go through it.

Do you want a certain position? Find out what it takes to be there and make it happen.  Don't know where to find out? Ask! It won't kill you.

We have the ability to do whatever we want. We all can make reasons why we can't do something.  Don't let those things pollute your mindset.  Don't let your own fear of something drive your being.

I spent to much of time over recent years thinking no one was seeing what I was doing. I built up a platform that I let dwindle and disappear.  Only once it was gone I started getting the questions like "Where did you go?" or "When is X coming back?"  How did all this happen?  I never took the steps to talk to others. I was never afraid to talk about it but I let the mindset of "They don't want to hear about this" take hold.  Only once I started talking about what I did and what I can help others with did things actually start taking hold.

So where do we go from here? Wherever we want. Don't wait for something. If the opportunity doesn't exist, make it. Don't know how? Talk to someone who does. At the end of the day you'll be happy you did. Good or bad, at least you made the effort.

Don't say you can't. You can. It may not be perfect. It may not be what you expected. It will however be in the direction you want and you will only learn and improve with action and movement.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash